Have throne will travel

Would you like to have some fun with your friends and help these deserving people raise the money they need to go to Victoria for a brief holiday? Every year the men and women in Community Connections' Individualized Community Inclusion Programs take a brief trip somewhere. Most of the trips have been to familiar places that are relatively nearby. This year, though, they'd like to go to Victoria. "Most of them have never seen the ocean so this would be a real treat," said one of their supervisors. The group has been fundraising through bottle drives, bake sales and chili luncheons. And now they're holding a Painted Toilet Fundraiser. The way it works is someone sends this painted throne to a friend and it costs $10 to make it go somewhere else. It's all in fun and can be a great fundraiser. If you'd like to send this somewhere please call 250-837-0855. David F. Rooney photo