Chamber comes out strongly in support of Benoit Doucet’s wine bar proposal

By David F. Rooney

The Chamber of Commerce has come out strongly in favour of Benoit Doucet’s proposed wine bar, calling it a “new and distinctive business… that would cater to a specific market segment which is currently underserviced in Revelstoke.”

“This market segment has been aggressively marketed to for several years by Revelstoke Tourism, the City of Revelstoke mandated Destination Marketing Organization,” the Chamber said in a letter that was signed by each of its directors.

Furthermore, the Chamber called on Council to judge business licencing applications based on fact and their present merits — not on speculation about what a business owner may or may not do years in the future.

During the two meetings at which this issue has been discussed Councillors have suggested that Doucet could turn his wine bar into a straight out bar or pub. Doucet, who is originally from France, denies he has plans to do so because wine is what he knows. He is also shrewd enough to recognize that there is a large market of mature adults who will patronize his wine bar because they don’t want to hang out in a pub. Perhaps that is something that Councillors should consider when this issue resurfaces next month.

“The Chamber of Commerce strongly recommends City Council review current and future business licensing applications based upon fact and the present merits, not based upon unsubstantiated opinion or what a business could become years hence,” the Chamber said in the letter.

You can read the full letter — and the 38 others that have been CC’d to The Current, here:—-or-reject-—-benoit-doucets-wine-bar-licence/.

This is the latest, and perhaps, one of the last letters of support to be sent to City Hall regarding this issue. Friday, April 30, is the last day that interested citizens can send letters of support — or in opposition — to the City.

The City has so far received about 200 letters from local residents. So far only a few oppose the application for a liquor primary licence for Doucet’s proposed wine bar.

Council will deal with the issue in May.