Age difference a major concern for this Grizzly fan

Are you aware of the vast difference in ages between the six contenders for this coming weekend’s Keystone Cup?  The KIJHL permits each team in the league up to four 20-year-old players.  For some unknown (to me) reason, the other leagues seem to allow not only far more 20-year-olds, but also four 21-year-olds.  I checked each team’s roster and found the following information:

Northern Hawks, Ontario, show four from 1988, seven from 1989; Selkirk Fishermen, Man., have four from 1988 and six from 1989; Tri Town Thunder, Sask. only two from 1988, five from 1989; Beaumont Chiefs, Alta., four from 1988 and seven from 1989.  Of course, Kamloops Storm and Revelstoke Grizzlies each have four from 1989 and none from 1988.  What I wonder, is why Junior B Hockey is not consistent with the limiting of older players especially when competing for Western rizzla trophies?  I am also concerned for the safety of our 16-year-olds when “hit” by the older players.  One year can make a lot of difference in muscle development.

Dinah Collette