Revelstoke Florists plan to blossom in a new location this spring

Revelstoke Florists' owner Deanna Ward leans against the cooler in her shop on Second Street West. Due to plans her landlord has for the building, the shop she has occupied for 18 years is moving to 217 Victoria Road Esst, right next to the Sears outlet, next month. She is not, she says emphatically, going out of business. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

Deanna Ward is hoping her business, Revelstoke Florists, will blossom in a new location on Victoria Road this spring.

The shop, which has been at 107 Second Street West for decades, will close its doors on March 27 and Ward will begin shifting all of her flowers, coolers, vases and myriad other items to 217 Victoria Road East, right next to Sears. The company’s phone number, 250-837-3194, will not change. Nor will the service, which has always been prompt and cheerful.

“It’s affordable and we’ll have a lot more space,” she said.

That’s an important factor when your current location has three floors of merchandise, including a wide selection of rental costumes. The larger space should also allow her to bring in more product lines, including decorative trees and other items.

“We’re looking at an April 19 opening so stay tuned,” she said.

Still, it will be an emotional moment when she locks the shop door for the last time. Ward and her mother, Brenda Girling, bought it in 1992 from Wolfgang Seyfert and she took over the business in 2003.

Ward is deeply connected to flowers. Not only beautiful, they are deeply comforting, something she first experienced when her father passed away. To this day, flower arrangements for funerals have been among of her favourite creations.

But one thing is certain: Revelstoke Florists not going out of business, though that’s what some people seem to think, she said.

“I’m surprised at the number of people who think we’re closing our doors permanently. We’re just moving.”