Judo kids bring home the medals

Revelstoke’s Judo students, who are taught by Sensei Cornelius Suchy, brought home a lot of medals from a major tournament in Vernon. You can see who’s who and what they won below.Photo courtesy of Sarah Newton

left to right
top rowWyattCallaghanSilver
top rowMackenzieMallett
top rowJacksonCallaghanGold
top rowJordanCwikulaSilver
middle rowCalebPrunkleGold
middle rowJonahPrunkleBronze
middle rowColeCwikula
middle rowSethChevrier
bottom rowNelsonLuxmoreSilver
bottom rowHaileyCallaghanGold
bottom rowCarlosSerrouyaBronze
bottom rowAlexandraLuxmore
bottom rowCalumGribbonSilver