It’s playoff time and the Grizzlies need YOUR support

So, there I was in the Revelstoke Forum Saturday, Feb. 27 as a spectator, not a writer, watching our boys work their buns off trying to eke out a win against the Chase Chiefs. Unfortunately, we lost the second game in our first round series by the exact score of the first game, 4-3. What the scores don’t show is what goes on behind the scenes and how hard our boys have tried all year; and how having 10 days off didn’t help them at all.

Now I’m a consummate fan who has been following the Grizz for three years and writing about them for over two. What I still find disheartening is that Revelstoke is not packing the barn…. ARE WE A HOCKEYVILLE, or not people? We must come out this Friday in droves to support these boys. When a busload of exuberant, dedicated Chase fans can drown out the silent Revelstoke faithful on a Saturday night in the Forum; action needs to be taken. I’m urging, imploring; no, begging you to get out and scream for the Grizzlies this Friday.

We won in Chase Monday night and what a game it was as I watched the whole thing on the KIJHL website’s podcast. Come out in the flesh this Friday at the Forum. Let’s drown out the growing Chase fans that make the trip here to support THEIR team. Bring your thunder sticks, bring your clackers, bring the RSS jazz band, bring your whistles, your bull horns, bring your grannies, bring your SPIRIT. chant over and over, “Let’s GO GRIZZLIES,” loudly and proudly… Grizzlies… we believe in you. Get ‘er done!

Steve Smith
EZ Rock Radio,