Ever wanted to be in the movie business? Now’s your chance

By David F. Rooney

Have you ever dreamed of getting into the movie business? Well, now's your chance. Carl Rankin is selling the Roxy Theatre business — not the building (that's owned by a family in Vancouver). David F. Rooney photo

If you’ve every wanted to be in the movie business now’s your chance — the Roxy Theatre business is up for sale. But pay attention now: this is the business — not the building. That is the property of a family in Vancouver.

“This would make a great ma and pa business,” says Carl Rankin, the man who owns the Roxy Theatre business.

Rankin has put a lot of money, time and effort into making The Roxy a viable, independent theatre business since he bought it in 1996. He has built the all-important relationships with the studios that make and distribute the films that flickers across the Roxy’s big screen. He has maintained its art deco interior and he invested a lot of money installing luxurious new seats for moviegoers.

Now he’s bringing added value to the business in the form of a digital projector and the satellite feeds that will allow The Roxy to present (starting this autumn) things like the Metropolitan Opera Series from New York, big name concerts and sporting events — all live.

“This will give us a whole host of options we’ve never had before,” he said.

Rankin, who is also the local Sotheby’s rep, said he just can’t find the time to run the theatre the way it needs to be run. Because of the constraints on his time he wants to sell the business to someone who appreciates  movies and the role the theatre plays in a small town.

Rankin also said that he would be willing to remain as an equity partner in the business for three to five years by which time the new owner should know all the ins and outs of the theatre business and could successfully run it on his or her own.

If you’ve every wanted to be in the movie business please contact Carl Rankin at office@roxytheatre.info.