Council wastes no time reappointing two Housing Society directors

By David F. Rooney

No doubt galvanized by the embarrassing discovery that the Revelstoke Community Housing Society lacked enough directors to hold its annual general meeting Monday, City Council acted swiftly to re-appoint two directors whose terms had lapsed.

Alan Mason, the City’s director of community economic development, and Loni Parker, director of Area B of the Columbia Shuswap regional District, were reappointed at Council’s regular session as a Committee of the Whole (CoW). The re-appointment still needs to be formally sealed by a vote in next week’s regular Council meeting, but this should mean the society can hold an AGM once that happens.

Councillors also agreed at the CoW meeting to advertise for four new public members over two consecutive weeks. All of the new directors will serve for three year terms.

Housing Society directors discovered at the outset of their scheduled AGM on Monday afternoon that they lacked enough directors for a quorum. In fact they lacked six directors. One director had resigned and the terms for five others had expired and apparently no one noticed — until it was too late and the rump were sitting around a board room table realizing they couldn’t proceed.

The society is under some pressure at this particular point in time. It appears to have set aside its oft-stated plans to develop the Bridge Creek property in favour of two rental housing units on a steep — neighbours say it is way too steep — slope on CPR Hill’s Maple Street.

You can read the two most recent stories about the Housing Society, both published this week, here and here. If you go here, you can read an interview with Housing Society Manager Corin Flood, published last September, regarding the state of affordable housing in the community