Are you ready for some serious rail jamming?

By David F. Rooney

The Revy Rail Jam, which is rapidly becoming a signature event for downtown Revelstoke, is set for this Saturday, thanks to a thoughtful cache of clean, grit-free snow by the City’s Department of Public Works.

“Public Works Operations Manager Darren Komonoski says he has been caching of clean, grit-free snow all winter for this event,” John Devitt, the Chamber of Commerce’s executive director said in an interview. “He says he has more than enough for our needs.”

And need they will. As everyone in town can see, there is precious little snow here in the river valley. Temperature for Saturday are forecast to be 4° Celsius with mixed rain and snow. So we could see some fresh white stuff fall here in town. Even if it does, and especially if it doesn’t, Rail Jam fans will be especially grateful that DPW has been stockpiling snow this winter.

The Rail Jam will take place this Saturday from 4 until 9 pm and should rock the downtown core. Last year, the event attracted 1,500 people and while Devitt wouldn’t go so far as to predict a similarly huge crowd he’s confident that the event will bring out lot and lots of people.

“Our BC Spring Break will just be end and Spring Break will just be starting in Alberta so we’re hoping to capture traffic from both,” he said. “We also think this will bring out families from the New Demographic.”

The New Demographic is short hand for people between 25 and 45 who have been moving here over the last three or four years to take advantage of Revelstoke’s shift towards a resort economy or for lifestyle changes. They tend to be well-heeled, university educated, environmentally aware and keen outdoor enthusiasts.

This year’s competition won’t have any cash for winners but it does offer some pretty cool prizes such as Cat skiing trips, new skis, snowboards and other gear.

It should also be a boon for downtown eateries and cafes. However, Devitt acknowledged that not all downtown merchants are on board with the the Rail Jam concept.

“Unfortunately, there are still people who don’t see the benefit of holding downtown events,” he said.

If you want to compete in the Rail Jam but haven’t yet registered don’t despair! There is still time to register. Forms are available at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort Outdoor Centre, the Chamber of Commerce office, the Last Drop Pub and Powder Springs Hotel. Wannabe Rail Jammers have until 4 pm Friday to file their registration papers.