Visiting Edmonton couple loses pickup truck, six skidoos to thieves

By Steve Smith

An Edmonton couple vacationing here in Revy woke up to this horrendous reality this morning. Please help me get the news out ASAP.  The couple is now stranded here with their small children and needed to get back today.

Their 2006 Ford F350 (Dark brown) was stolen sometime this morning between three and six in the morning from162 Pearkes Dr in Columbia Park.

The truck has a long box with a ski rue in the back for kid’s toboggans, etc. They had car seats in the back of the truck. It was hot-wired and pushed down the hill in silence and the couple saw the boot tracks, etc. this morning in the snow. Attached to the truck was a 28 foot white cargo trailer with a broken side door (missing)

Also missing are the six skidoos that were inside:

  • 2009 – Rev Skidoo – white/blue in color
  • 2009 – MXZ 800 Skidoo  -Black
  • 2009 – 800 Skidoo Summit – Black
  • 2008 – Skidoo Summit Yellow and black
  • 2004 – RMK -800 Silver and Red
  • 1999 – arctic Cat – 600 Powder special  –  White

The couple is very upset by this. It’s a planned, calculated theft that is horrible. If you have any information about this incident please call 250-837-3757.