Provincial Court… briefly

By David F. Rooney

What Benjamin Ife claimed were insulting remarks and belittling of his ex-wife on Facebook prompted him to hit Guy MacLean several times in the face during a party at the Frontier Motel.

“It wasn’t the right thing to do, Your Honour,” Ife told Judge Edmond F.┬áde Walle during the regular monthly sitting of Provincial Court on Wednesday. “The gentleman belittled her on Facebook and through texting. I couldn’t stand it.”

So, according to Crown Prosecutor Greg Koturbash, he leaned across a table and his MacLean repeatedly and then left. Police, called by witnesses, caught up with Ife as he walked down a nearby street.

According to a Victim Impact Statement filed by Maclean he lost five days of work and almost lost his job because of an injury to his shoulder.

Judge de Walle sentenced Ife to 12 months probation. he cannot have any contact with MacLean, must attend anger-management counselling and must pay a $50 Victim Fine Surcharge.


Lauren Hutton, 21, pleaded guilty to impaired driving last Nov. 15. Crown Prosecutor Greg Koturbash said she was stopped at 1 am after leaving the Outofbounds Night Club. Two samples of her breath showed she had blood-alcohol levels of 150 and 160. She was fined $1,000 and lost her driver’s licence for 12 months.


Michael Jackson pleaded guilty to impaired driving after two samples of his breath showed blood-alcohol levels of 110 and 100. He was fined 1,000 and must pay a $150 Victim Fine Surcharge. He also lost his licence for 12 months.


Mark Bezanson pleaded guilty to impaired driving arising out a stop by police on June 15 at 1048 pm. He was fined $1,000 and lost his licence for 12 months.


Adam Phillips pleaded guilty to impaired driving in Provincial Court. He was picked up by police on Nov. 19 when they were called to the scene of a single-vehicle accident on the Trans Canada near the Eastern Access. There they found a pickup truck in the ditch and a damaged light standard. Phillips was by the truck. He was uninjured and, when he provided officers with a sample of his breath, had blook alcohol levels of 260 and 270. The legal limit is 80.

He was fined $1,200,plus a $180 Victim Fine Surcharge and lost his licence for 12 months.