Hey! We really do “own the podium”

Despite all the disgraceful boasting about "owning the podium" and now all the whingeing and backtracking by commentators and others about how they never truly believed Canada would own the podium comes proof positive that Revelstoke owns the podium... in a way. The wood for the podium being used in Whistler comes from Downie and Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, according to RCFC President Geoff Battersby. "I went to Vancouver on Feb. 2 for the official unveiling of the Olympic Podiums at Robson Square," he said in an e-mail to The Revelstoke Current. "There are 23 podiums of which I believe the lumber for 17 or so was provided by Community Forests in BC. The one chosen for the unveiling — and in this picture — is made from the wood supplied by RCFC and Downie. I thought you would find this interesting.So there you have it — Downie/RCFC 'Own the Podium.' Poster courtesy of Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation