Hero’s Olympic photo diary

Zuzana Driediger, one of the lucky Revelstokians tapped to help make the Vancouver 2010 Olympics a success is back with her rescue dog, Hero, and more than a few photos to of her canine’s experience at the Games.

“It was pretty quiet,” she said in her office at Parks Canada. “The only time my adrenaline got going was when we got a call that some skiers might have been buried. They were both okay and no one else was buried so that was it.”

Driediger and Hero also featured in a short video of a practice session, which — judging by his barking and tail wagging — Hero apparently enjoyed a great deal. The video is included below.

Still and all she had a good time and stayed in a lovely cabin in Whistler for the first week of the Games. She returned last week and sent The Current some photos of herself and Hero, who looked quite at home on the podium and even managed to interact with official mascots without devouring one of them.

Welcome back home.

Zuzana Driediger's rescue dog, Hero, strikes an alert and heroic pose on the snow at Whistler.The pair were seconded to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as part of the search and rescue team. Photo courtesy of Zuzana Driediger
Hero certainly enjoyed being on the podium at Whistler. In fact, he looks as though he owns it. Photo courtesy of Zuzana Driediger
Zuzana cradles Hero in her arms during a rescue demonstration. Photo courtesy of Zuzana Driediger
Zuzana Driediger and Hero pose with two of the Olympic mascots, Quatchi and Miga. The normally friendly Hero was startled when Quatchi reached out to touch him and apparently bit him. There was no damage done to the human inside the costume. Animals, it seems, are extremely suspicious of the mascots, One of them had a run-in with a dog during the torch relay party in Revelstoke in January. Photo courtesy of Zuzana Driediger
Hero poses for the camera beneath an inukshuk at the Olympic venue in Whistler. Photo courtesy of Zuzana Driediger


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