Council puts off anti-pesticide commitment for six months

By David F. Rooney

Citing a need to better confer with stakeholders, City Council put off a decision regarding a ban on cosmetic pesticides for at least six months Tuesday.

The Environmental Advisory Committee had recommended that Council ask staff to “investigate implementation of a cosmetic pesticide bylaw based on the Invermere model.”

Invermere has a ban in place now on the use of cosmetic pesticides on both public and private property.

Councillor Chris Johnston initially appeared to favour pursuing a ban now saying “it’s not rocket science. It’s not a big deal. I would like to see it sooner rather than later.”

But other Councillors wanted staff to take their time. Councillor Peter Frew thought the City should invoke a public process and Phil Welock said the City needs to “consult with School District 19, the golf course” and other potential stakeholders.

In the end all of Council, with the exception of Councillor Tony Scarcella, voted to give staff six months to investigate whether there is a public appetite for a pesticide ban and how the City should go about it.

Darren Komonoski, operations manager for the Public Works Department, said six months would be ample time to investigate the feasibility of pursuing a ban in Revelstoke.