CBT offers student scholarships based on community service

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is now accepting applications for its Youth Community Service Awards, valued at $2,000 and awarded based on volunteer community service rather than academic standing.

“We are particularly proud to be able to present these awards to youth, who have shown a commitment to volunteering in their communities, for them to use towards any post-secondary training or education,” Lynda Lafleur, CBT community liaison, said in a statement released on Tuesday morning. “We believe in the difference youth can make in their communities by volunteering their time amidst busy academic or athletic schedules.”

Awards totaling $90,000 will be distributed to students in the Columbia Basin. All students graduating from a Basin high school, alternate school or other institution that grants graduation diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Education are eligible for the award.

Schools with a graduating class less than 25 will receive one award;  those with up to 75 students will receive two awards; and those with more than 75 graduating students will receive three awards. At least one award will be presented to each high school catchment area.

Applications are available at local high schools and online at www.cbt.org/programs. The deadline to submit an application is April 16, 2010, and should be returned to the local high school.

For more information on the award or application process, contact Linda McInnes at lmcinnes@cbt.org or 1.800.505.8998.