Annual Scream Team Relay brings out the Olympian in everyone

The Nordic Ski Club held its annual Scream Team event at Mount MacPherson Saturday with an Olympic theme that brought out the Olympian in everyone.

“It was great fun,” said proud mom and photographer Penny Page Brittin.  “The theme was be an Olympian.  A volunteer made cookies with Olympic rings for all of the kids.”

Here are some photos of the event that drew competitors from as far away as Golden:

Competitors dash from the starting line in this year's Team Scream Relay Race at Mount MacPherson Ski Area on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Penny Page Brittin
Sarah Newton barrels away from the start line. Leslie Savage photo
Really young competitors in the Bunny Race ready themselves at the start line. Photo courtesy of Penny Page Brittin
Are you ready to go? The hand-off in one of the relays. Photo courtesy of Penny Page Brittin
Potential future Olympians pose with their medals. No gold, silver or bronze here — just pure cookie! There was no beating that. Leslie Savage photo
Come on, Mommy, open wide! A very young racer offers her mother a taste of her medal. Leslie Savage photo