The view from a Revelstokian in Scotland

Thank you for doing the really tough story about Pauline and the follow up at the Catholic Church. What a shock for her family and friends and how brave of her to hit it head on like her mountain biking.  Brave girl.

Well we got screwed on the hill, eh?  Right from the start the City said Track Street has been paying sewer rates for ‘x’ years and therefore they do not have to pay.  In the mean time the truth is the City has to borrow to pay for Track Street while we are intimidated/threatened that the City will do Track Street anyway. I sure hope the City and the Track Street folks appreciate that we 42 LSA owners fought like hell to get the funding application initiated. And it was successful. It sure tastes bad.

Hope you are having a good winter. I enjoy checking how The Current flows while I’m here in Scotland working for the Scottish Avalanche Information Service based in Braemar.  We’re having a big winter so far, most snow in living memory they say…  if you are less than thirty years old.

Thanks again.

Alan Dannis