Savage Delights will satisfy your craving for real food stories

By David F. Rooney

It is with real pleasure that I announce to our readers a new development at The Revelstoke Current — the addition of a weekly food column written by Leslie Savage.

Her column, Savage Delights, will discuss food in all its forms, local restaurants, chefs, different dishes and will be accompanied by recipes for those of you who appreciate really good food.

Leslie is, to quote her directly, “a real foodie” and in a previous life was a food writer for the Edmonton Journal. As you will see, she not only takes her food seriously but her writing, too.

Savage Delights sprang from a very brief conversation we had at Grizzly Plaza after a demonstration protesting the lack of progress at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. I liked her ideas and we agreed to talk further. Today, about three weeks later, Savage Delights is a reality. We hope you’ll not only enjoy it but find it informative and the recipes easy to reproduce in your own kitchens.

Okay. Enough from me. Please savour Savage Delights for yourself: