No Moon no matter

By Karen McColl

Nobody seemed to mind that the moon was hidden behind a thick layer of clouds Saturday night as Nordic skiers climbed eight kilometres up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway at Mount Revelstoke as part of the Parks Canada Annual Moonlight Ski.

The approximately 80 participants were perhaps consoled by the warm temperatures and the even warmer company that awaited their arrival at the Monashee Picnic Shelter. By the heat of the wood stove, skiers munched on cookies and sipped hot drinks provided by friendly Parks Canada staff. The atmosphere was jovial and many people socialized while enjoying acoustic guitar music played by Michael Liggins.

Moonlight ski veterans Isabel Palister and Lionel Wheeler celebrated their 25th year of attendance and were awarded the highly coveted 25-year pin. Palister recalls missing only one year, and it was because she had suffered a broken knee while taking part in a search and rescue effort.

Pins are also awarded for participants’ fifth, 10th and 15th years of attendance and Palister still guards her earlier pins dearly. “I keep them locked up – I’m not going to get another one,” she said.

If everyone on Parks Canada’s previous year’s attendance list participated, two people would receive their 15-year pin, ten people their 10-year pin and 48 people their five-year pin.

No pins yet? Don’t forget to mark the Parks Canada Moonlight Ski on your calendar for next year!

Here are some images from this year’s ski:

Every skier's goal in the annual Moonlight Ski: the Monashee Picnic Shelter located at kilometre eight on the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. Karen McColl photo
Blandine Baritaud tends the hot drinks on the stove. Karen McColl photo
Michael Liggins sets the mood with his acoustic tunes. Karen McColl photo
Jackie O'Ryan smiles on as others enjoy the shelter's warmth. Karen McColl photo
Isabel Palister prepares for her 25th annual descent from the Monashee Picnic Shelter at Mount Revelstoke. Karen McColl photo