Hundreds attend Alan Chell’s retirement party

By David F. Rooney

Alan Chell’s 28 years with the City was capped by a surprise retirement party that was months in the making Friday.

About 220 people attended the event that was studded with tributes, skits and presentations attesting to Chell’s long years of community service. Chell has been not just Revelstoke’s parks and recreation director, but chairman of the annual softball tourney, the driving force behind minor soccer and the Aquatic Centre and a powerful proponent of excellence in the school district as a trustee and board chairman.

It’s fair to say that Chell is one of the most respected people in Revelstoke and it certainly showed on Friday evening to the visible pleasure of his parents and family. His wife, Linda, assisted by Heather Duchman and others worked for months to organize the evening’s event without Alan’s knowledge. Their efforts paid off handsomely.

Two videos from the event are posted on The Current and here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Alan Chell and his wife, Linda, gaze out over the crowd that packed the Community Centre multi-purpose room for his surprise retirement party Friday evening. David F. Rooney photo
Alan Chell poses with this grandchildren shortly after arriving at the Community Centre. David F. Rooney photo
This was the scene inside the Community Centre Friday. With Mark McKee acting as Master of Ceremonies, Chell was serenaded by the Swing Monkeys, gently roasted by friends and family and lauded for his many accomplishments as a proponent of community life. David F. Rooney photo
Councillor Tony Scarcella praises Alan Chell for his years of dedicated service to the people of Revelstoke. David F. Rooney photo
It wasn't all speeches. There were some goofy moments, too. Here, Brian Sumner — in his Red Green persona — demonstrates a Trebuchet that fires jelly beans at soccer players to manage to trigger it with a soccer ball. David F. Rooney photo
Alan Chell, wearing "protective goggles" receives an indecipherable sculpture of Brian (just call me Red Green) Sumner. David F. Rooney photo
One of the highlights of the evening's merriment was a skit by Karen Scott and Heather Duchman who worked closely with Chell for more than 20 years. David F. Rooney photo
Alan Chell was clearly moved by his friends' little skit. David F. Rooney photo
The Great Bendini went into a trance, established "a psychic link" with Alan Chell and proceeded to foretell his future in retirement. David F. Rooney photo