February is “Heart Month” in British Columbia

It is a time for us at the Revelstoke Unit of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon to seek your help in fighting cardiovascular disease.  Revelstoke has been very generous over the years and we are working to make 2010 another successful one for the HSF and all who benefit from its efforts.

Jan. 23 saw the publishing of  the new HSF report outlining a predicted crisis for cardiovascular care in Canada. The report outlines the sudden emergence of new heart disease risk groups.  No longer is the stereotypical older male the poster boy for the unhealthy heart. Trends among younger adults and women show them increasingly at risk of developing heart problems in the not too distant future. The report notes a wide discrepancy between provinces and territories in cardiovascular care and calls upon the federal government to take the lead in coordinating a national programme to address the situation before it becomes critical. It also calls upon individual citizens to take control of their own health by abandoning damaging dietary habits and becoming more active.

We are fortunate to live in an exceptionally healthy community in the nation’s healthiest province. Still, most of our lives are touched by heart disease or stroke in some way. There is something we can do. It is through the steadfast efforts of donors and volunteers that the HSF is able to make continuing strides in the struggle to give us all longer, healthier and happier lives.

During Heart Month, the Revelstoke Unit’s volunteers will once again be braving the fickle February weather to go door to door seeking your donations in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Canvassers will be out this year between Feb. 1 and 21. A friendly greeting would be much appreciated when you greet them at your home.

Another traditional Heart Month event in Revelstoke is Coopers Foods yearly Heart Day event. On Saturday, February 13, from 8 am until 6 pm, Coopers will donate $.25 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation for each bag of groceries purchased. Your local HSF unit will have a table with information for you to take about cardiovascular disease and healthy lifestyles.

For further information on heart health, Heart and Stroke Foundation’s activities, and positive lifestyle choices, visit the HSF website: www.heartandstroke.ca or stop by the Revelstoke Unit’s table at Coopers on Heart Day; Saturday, Feb. 13.

If you have questions about the local campaign, wish to make a donation or would like to volunteer, please call Noreen Allsopp at 250-837-9648.