East meets West for fun and games

Visiting students from Ono Cho, Japan, had a lot of fun with their Canadian counterparts during an afternoon of cultural fun and games at RSS Tuesday.

The Japanese kids were to return home today after visiting the city for the past number of days. Here are a few images from Tuesday’s fun and games:

RSS students try their hand at Japanese calligraphy during cultural exchange activities with teens from Ono Cho, Japan, in the high school cafeteria Tuesday afternoon. The Japanese students have been here for the week and were to return home Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo
Who can resist a yo-yo? Certainly not these guys! David F. Rooney photo
Isleish Grier shows off the crane, ball and other origami objects she made during the Tuesday afternoon cultural exchange activities at RSS. David F. Rooney photo
See? Anyone can do it! A visiting Japanese student shows how easy it is to set a top spinning. David F. Rooney photo
The Japanese students from Ono Cho sang for their Canadian counterparts Tuesday. David F. Rooney photo
Eric Rienks demonstrates how to make a top spin on one finger during the cultural exchange. David F. Rooney photo