Cultural exchange for youth

Japanese high school students, in Revelstoke on a cultural exchange organized by Muskoka Language International, pose (as only high school students can) for a group photo at the Revelstoke Museum. "While in Revelstoke, the group will participate in a number of activities," said Homestay and Program Coordinator Wenche Beitel. Besides visiting the city';s museums and splashing around at the Aquatic Centre the kids "will be holding a Cultural Fair where classes from RSS will be learning about their culture with activities such as a Japanese board game called Fuku Warai, Calligraphy, Toys - Spinning top and Cup & Ball, Ayatori (Cat's Cradle) and Origami," she said. The exchange finishes on Tuesday evening with a Farewell Party, and the group departs early on Wednesday morning. "It's a very rewarding experience for everyone that is involved!" Beitel said. David F. Rooney photo