A pump-jump track addition to Kovach Park not wanted: neighbour

By David F. Rooney

City Councillor Peter Frew may have thought he was stating the obvious when he said there was no real difference between adding a pump-jump track or a swing set to Kovach Park as they are both meant to give children and youths an opportunity to have fun, but at least one neighbour of the park does not agree.

In his second letter to Council on this issue in two weeks, Bob Melnyk takes exception to Frew’s comment (Please go here: https://legacy.revelstokecurrent.com//2009/12/14/kovach-park-neighbour-takes-exception-with-councillors-comments to read the letter).

“The process by which this has been handled, as stated in my previous letter to Council, dated Dec. 3, is flawed as there was no contact made with adjacent property owners and neighbours as to their input on this project,” Melnyk said in his latest letter to Council.

Speaking to The Revelstoke Current, Melnyk said he visited everyone who owns property facing or adjacent to Kovach Park, perhaps better known to some residents as the location for the community’s skateboard park.

“I asked everyone if they had been canvassed by anyone with regard to this pump-jump track,” he said Monday. “No one said they had been contacted.”

The pump-jump track is intended to be an addition to the skateboard facility and is to be built by the Revelstoke Trail Alliance with a $5,000 grant from the Columbia Basin Trust and the efforts of volunteers.

In a letter on Dec. 3 Melnyk said Council should rescind its original motion from last October okaying the pump-jump track and allowing it to enter into an agreement with the alliance regarding its construction.

It was during Council’s discussion of Melnyk’s Dec. 3 letter that Frew made his comments about pump-jump tracks and swing sets.

Melnyk was not amused but he did welcome a motion by Councillors Phil Welock and Chris Johnston calling on the Engineering and Public Works Department to revisit the issue and report back to Council at a future meeting.