How Driven Media is thinking about rebranding Revelstoke

Editor’s Note:

The following are extracts from a document entitled¬†Image/Brand Direction for Revelstoke Tourism that describes Driven Media’s thinking about what’s required to successfully rebrand Revelstoke.


“Revelstoke’s brand marketing materials should be designed to express who we are, what we do, what we’ve done, and where we are, etc. However, advertising and marketing material also serve an additional important function. As the materials are often the primary point of first exposure to the community and its story, the materials must provide distinction, and compel interest and interaction. Front-line marketing materials cannot tell the whole story, however, they must provide confidence in the sophistication and professionalism of the product and ultimately act as the first step in a process of facilitating the need for viewers to satisfy their curiosity by experiencing the community.”


“… the Fifties and Sixties were decades that saw unprecedented growth in travel and tourism. Technology afforded leisure time and people needed little encouraging to discover the fulfillment associated with travel. Revelstoke was no exception and almost inadvertently captured attention along the way. Today, Revelstoke simply needs to remind itself and the rest of the world that ‘Revelstoke’ is synonymous with destination travel, recreation, adventure and vacation and to do so in a distinct and authentic manner.”


“To differentiate Revelstoke from other areas we suggest that it capitalize on the energy retained by its own history. That doesn’t mean to dwell on the past but to highlight its uncontrived, authentic history as a hallmark and testament to its strength as a natural destination. There are few communities that do this, and even fewer who can do this authentically.”

“From an articulation and design standpoint, Revelstoke is fortunate to have an exceptional variety of design elements associated with its history. We suggest that these elements be appropriated, modified and adjusted to serve in a contemporary capacity…

“There is no other Canadian Mountain Community that distinguishes itself through drawing elements from its past, particularly from the time period we are drawing on, in such a determined or consistent sense. We do not suggest to focus on the past, but rather to allow the richness of the past permeate the messaging of today.”