School principal thankful for donation

On behalf of the students, staff and parents of Arrow Heights Elementary 
School I would like to thank The Revelstoke Current for its support of
 school programs and events.

We appreciate the coverage we receive 
informing the public of what’s happening at our school through the junior 
reporter program, as well as your regular coverage of events around the 
Revelstoke school district.  We are pleased to be part of The Revelstoke
 Current’s student reporter program and we thank you for the recent
 donation of a digital camera and memory stick to aid in capturing our
 events.  You have doubled our camera inventory which will make it much
 easier for our students to get their hands on the equipment necssary to
 capture the moment.

Keep up the super work informing our community of the 
great things that happen at Arrow Heights School and Revelstoke.

Todd Hicks
Arrow Heights Elementary
Revelstoke, BC