New schools — one month ’til we know who will build it

By David F. Rooney

Just in time for Christmas School District 19 expects it will be able to announce who will build its two new schools.

For months three companies have been working on proposals for the $53 million project and at Tuesday evening’s School Board meeting Chairman Alan Chell said the District will receive their finished proposals on Nov. 27.

“After the proposals are received on Nov. 27 there will be a three-week evaluation period,” he said. “At that point we’ll decide which company we’ll go with.”

The project proponents have for months been consulting, off and on, with Earl Woodhurst, district principal of operations and technology, Superintendent Anne Cooper and other officials. These confidential meetings were held with the individual companies to help them tweak their proposals to meet the District’s requirements regarding space, classroom size and other aspects of the new high school and elementary school.

The three proponents are Dominion Fairmile Construction, Graham Design JV and Yellowridge Construction Ltd.