Flu clinics will be held Monday and Wednesday

Combined H1N1/Seasonal Flu immunization clinics will be held on Monday and Wednesday at the Community Centre.

Monday’s clinic will be from 8 am until  2:30 pm and Wednesday’s from 9 am until 4 pm.

Eligible people include: pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy; Persons under age 65 with chronic conditions; Children 6 – 59 months of age; Persons residing in remote communities; including all Aboriginal populations; Health care workers involved in responding to pandemic influenza; Household contacts/care providers of infants from birth to 6 months when the household contact/care provider is less than 65 years; Household contacts/care providers of persons who are immunocompromised when BOTH the immunocompromised person AND the household contact/care provider are less than 65 years.

Pregnant women are encouraged to contact their health care provider to discuss and/or receive the vaccine, as this vaccine stock is being routed to physicians providing prenatal and obstetrical care. The unadjuvanted vaccine will not be provided through public clinics at this time.

People who are bringing children that are not their own to clinics need to have a signed letter of consent from the parent plus the child’s care card and birthdate.