Do you want Revelstoke to win the Hockeyville contest? If you do, please send in YOUR hockey story

The Revelstoke Hockeyville 2010 Committee has submitted a story and three photos to put the city in the running for Hockeyville supremacy and “now it’s your turn, Revelstoke,” says Committee Chairman Gary McLaughlin.

In an e-mail to fans registered to the committee’s Facebook page, Mclaughlin made a pitch for everyone who cares to write their own hockey story and send it in to Kraft Hockeyville 2010 organizers. They can also send in digital photos, as long as they are no larger than 2 MB in size

“Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can add your own story to our Hockeyville 2010 page,” McLaughlin said. “Go to;, then click on SUBMIT YOUR STORY. Then click BRITISH COLUMBIA and scroll down the listings until you find REVELSTOKE FORUM. Then complete the story form.  It’s that simple.”

Getting supporters to write their stories and send in photos is critical

“This is how we get noticed by the Hockeyville committee when they choose the top 12,” he said. “We need you to take the time to write your story about hockey in Revelstoke or your experience inside the Forum.  Talk about skating in the Forum, or your first time watching the Grizzlies, or the Selkirks, Merchants or Kodiaks play — any story about hockey in Revelstoke. Our c ommunity’s continued progress in the Hockeyville 2010 contest is now in your hands.”