Council grants Hockeyville Committee the right to use its logo


By David F. Rooney

City Council has granted the Revelstoke Hockeyville 2010 Committee permission to use its logo for promotional purposes.

“We feel that the use of the logo in our bid would show a strong partnership in the Hockeyville bid and strong support from Council,” Committee Chairman Gary McLaughlin said in a letter to Council.

He said the Committee specifically wants to use the logo as part of the slogan dreamed up by Big Eddy resident Ramona Shaw two weeks ago. The logo, which incorporates a large and distinctive letter “R” would be used to replace the word “our’ in Shaw’s original slogan.

As you can see in the image above, it would read as “R story begins and ends on the ice.”

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of McLaughlin’s request during a special session of Council a few minutes prior to their regular meeting as a Committee of the Whole on Tuesday afternoon.