City and RMR driving towards a ski shuttle partnership

The City and Revelstoke Mountain Resort are driving steadily towards an agreement regarding ski shuttle service, which is expected to begin Dec. 11.

“Last winter we saw the successful introduction of the shuttle bus service from the central area of Revelstoke to Revelstoke Mountain Resort,” says a statement from the City. “This fall, the City and Revelstoke Mountain Resort have been discussing and negotiating the terms of a new agreement to provide a similar but expanded service during this winter’s skiing season.”

Specifically, they are working on what’s known as a Partnering Agreement under Provincial legislation. This allows a municipality to provide a service, in this case a shuttle bus, through another organization. By the terms of the proposed Partnering Agreement, Revelstoke Mountain Resort will operate the buses provided by the City. The buses were purchased using additional Hotel Tax funds collected for tourism related purposes, not from property tax revenue.

“Based on last year’s shuttle bus passenger information, over 80% of the passengers were from within the community, the remainder being out-of-town visitors,” the statement said. “In light of the strong community use and benefit from this municipal service… the City has agreed to contribute up to $25,000 toward the estimated $100,000 cost of operating the expanded service this skiing season. The City’s $25,000 contribution will be paid from federal government gas tax funds we receive from the Community Works Fund. The resort will pay the remainder of the operating cost.”

The shuttle bus service is expected to begin on Friday, Dec. 11. Details regarding pick-up and drop-off times and locations, which this year will include both day-time trips to and from the resort for skiing and evening trips from Nelsen Lodge to and from downtown Revelstoke, will be advertised at that time and throughout the skiing season.