Where is the real Greenbelt?

By Toni Johnston

Lots of people use the Illecillewaet Greenbelt gravel paths.  Lots of people use the “asphalt” River Trail Way and most of these people believe that the whole pathway system is the Greenbelt.

Not true!

The real Greenbelt is a 22.4-acre conservation area managed by the Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society.  This group of people helps maintain the gravel trails, clear dangerous trees, maintain the kiosks and signs and raise money to pay for liability insurance.  The goal of the Society is to preserve this inner city park in its natural state that includes old growth forests, meadows and ponds.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at the Community Centre on Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.  If you are interested in serving on the board, contact Barb Kemerer at 837-5456.

Membership forms are available at the Community Centre.

Toni Johnston is chairwoman of the Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society