Do you know everything you NEED to know about epilepsy?

What do you know about epilepsy and seizures? Would you recognize one if you saw it? And, if you did, would yo know what to do?

You can find answers to those questions at a special presentation this evening by Judy Ross, education coordinator for the Center for Epilepsy and Seizure Education in British Columbia.

“One in 100 people in Canada have epilepsy, but as the population ages that number will increase, as 1 in 14 people over the age of 65 are diagnosed with the condition,” she said in an e-mail to The Revelstoke Current.

“ The effects of epilepsy on the lives of individuals vary widely from almost no effect to profound disability. In spite of its prevalence, epilepsy remains one of the most misunderstood and feared medical conditions. The end result of public misunderstanding is increased feelings of stigma, social isolation and a higher than normal rate of depression and suicide among people with epilepsy.”

The Center for Epilepsy and Seizure Education in British Columbia is a non-profit organization, located in Abbotsford, which provides epilepsy support and education. We are part of the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, a Canada-wide network of collaborative organizations that provide all non-medical services for people with epilepsy. We have an active board of directors which include members of the medical community who act as our advisors. Our website is at .

Ross’ presentation, which takes place at Oct. 8 at the Community Centre from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. will cover a wide range of topics from a basic definition to what happens to the brain during a seizure to managing medication and what to do when medications don’t work.

It is sponsored by Revelstoke Child Care Resource and Referral, School District 19, Community Connections and the Early Childhood Development Committee.