Under-privileged families to benefit from THIS decision

By David F. Rooney

City Council is expected to endorse a decision to give low-income families a 100-per-cent subsidy for City-run programs at the Aquatic Centre and the Forum as well as a 50-per-cent subsidy for programs offered by independent contractors at the same facilities.

Councillors, meeting as a Committee of the Whole, agreed to the free passes and the subsidies. They are expected to formally endorse the decision when they meet Tuesday (Sept. 8th) in the Council Chamber.

“We’ll work with contractors and tell them we’d like to encourage low-income people to participate,” Parks and Recreation Director Alan Chell told the Committee last week.

Councillor Chris Johnsotn seemed to speak for all of his colleagues when he said, “I am quite happy with this but it would be nice to lay a little guilt on higher levels of government who are not doing enough to allow people to recreate.”

Families taking advantage of this decision will be expected to undergo an income assessment.