Things you and the students in your family need to know

When school resumes this week — the kids go back for two hours from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Wednesday there will undoubtedly be things you, as parents, and your kids, as students, will want to know. Here’s a quick grab bag of facts and web addresses where you can access the information you need.

Wondering how and when the school bus service works? Click here: Education Section, to get to the School District’s friendly online Big Box ad featuring a yellow school bus. Click on that to see the complete school bus schedules.

Worried about Swine Flu? click here: Swine Flu Information, to find out how to protect your family during the pandemic’s second wave.

When do they start class? When’s recess? When do the little darlings head home? Check the schedule below:


Want to know who’s who at the District, on the School Board or at your local school? Let your fingers do the walking and go to the School District 19 website to find the names and phone numbers that will make your life easier as the parents of school-age kids.

And finally, if you want to keep up with the latest news in what’s happening in your kids’ schools and the district in general, read The Revelstoke Current, which will feature the work of regular student contributors in the Education section. As well, Editor David Rooney will attend all of the School Board meetings starting on Sept. 15 to ensure that you know how school trustees are spending your money. You’ll also be able to watch the board meetings on RCTV.