Kids give meaning to the words “making a difference”


By David F. Rooney

Local kids enrolled in the Community Connections Day Camp are giving meaning to the words “making a difference.”

The 20 boys and girls have, through their Make a Difference Week activities, raised hundreds of dollars through a bottle drive so they can buy chickens, goats or tools to help impoverished people in the Third World help themselves.

“I’m really glad they’re enjoying this,” said camp counsellor Janine Boggild.

She said the children are learning “the difference between giving someone a hand out and giving them a hand up.”

“A hand out is like giving someone who needs it a blanket or food,” she said. “But giving them a hand up is giving them something that they can use to better themselves or their community. It’s a real concept and they get it.”

The kids will be perusing a World Vision catalogue to decide what they want to send to people in a poor community.

“It could be chickens or goats, tools or even training,” Boggild said.

Certainly it looks as though whatever these kids decide they won’t need any training themselves when it comes to developing a social conscience.

Bravo, kids!