Start watching where you park

By David F. Rooney

Parking downtown may require a little more foresight in the future after the Planning Business Advisory Committee’s parking task force develops a strategy the City could adopt to regulate where and when you park your vehicle.

A report to City Council on Tuesday said the task force is developing a map “of permitted and restricted parking zones… specifically within the downtown core” and will develop a proposed timetable of its implementation that will be presented to Council at a future date.

The task force has also been discussing enforcement of the strategy that likely will include “vehicle removal through towing.”

“Members noted that it would be important to judiciously manage towing and ticketing and that public education (would be required), especially through a thorough dialogue with the business community and with the Chamber of Commerce,” the report said.

There was no mention of parking meters — a type of control that was briefly attempted several years ago — but possible use of the Denver Boot was discussed. But don’t worry about that. It was discarded as a way of controlling parking infractions.