Yes! Now you can get rid of plastics at the dump

By David F. Rooney

A decision by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District to recycle plastics at the dump on Westside Road has been warmly greeted by local environmentalists.

“The NCES is escatic at the level of commitment the CSRD has shown to improving recycling in Revelstoke,” says Sarah Newton of the North Columbia Environmental Society.  “We also understand the difficulty of offering this service to a small population in the midst of a global recession (where market prices for recycled materials is at an all time low).”

The NCES issued that statement after learning that CSRD had quietly begun permitting the dropping off of Grades 1-7 plastics starting back on July 1. Products in these categories are stamped on the bottom with their grade.

Newton said she has learned that starting on Aug. 1 “the CSRD will have a plastic recycling bin set up at the Public Works Yard on Vernon Street, and that is so exciting!  As well, within the next two years the CSRD plans on having a “Reuse Shed” at the Westside Road location where usable but unwanted materials can be left for others to have for free.”

The CSRD and the NCES both stress that while recycling is fantastic, more impact comes from buying less, really being wary of purchasing products that are over packaged, and of course by reusing material.

“If a Revelstokian does a Google search with the key words “Revelstoke and Freecycle” they can join hundreds of other locals on this email based list that allows people to post things they are looking for or wanting to give away,” Newton said. ” Everything on Freecycle is free!  I personally have given away strollers, playpens, tomato cages, bicycles, and seeds. While at the same time receiving, all for free, an eclectic bag of things we needed; seeds, a lettuce spinner, bicycles, wood, the list goes on!”

So, if you’re tired of filling your garage or garden shed with old yogurt containers drop them off on Westside Road.